ISSUE 2-2016
Роман Темников Cristina Juan Carrion
Михаил Ведерников Jakub Csabay
Тенгиз Аблотия
Мария Русакова
Владимир Воронов

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New issue of our journal is introduced by answers of experts to the question what impact the Brexit can have on Russia. Some of addressed specialists live in countries that have not had such luck as the Great Britain which decision is fully respected by the European Union.

Armenia, Georgia or Ukraine are countries that tried and try, in various periods, to realize their own less or bigger exit but their big neighbour has demonstrated only a little understanding for their emancipation and has been doing its best to interrupt any such efforts.

Whether answers done by experts from these countries were affected by this experience only a reader itself must decide.

Let’s go from the beginning to the end of the journal where we can find the article dealing with one of dilemmas that contemporary Russian society faces: was Iosif Vissarionovich rather criminal or hero? Looking for answer, the author of the contribution uses memories of his grandfather – hero of WWII. The conclusion is not too favourable for the Stalin and his admirers.

A couple years ago such publicly announced result would not provoke any concerns. However, current situation in Russia is substantially different because assessment of historic events can be punished by state as example of blogger, who made repost where was placed a well-known fact that fascist Germany together with communist Soviet Union attacked Poland in September 1939, demonstrates.

We will hope that author´s results sending Stalin to criminals will not face any unpleasant consequences.

Since its establishment the journal has wanted to provide young specialists with space for their publications. We have not been too successful yet but in this issue we can present with pleasure two contributions prepared by young experts. Both consider character and quality of the relationship between Russia and Slovakia at the start of Slovak presidency of the European Union.

Maybe these materials have not met all tasks linked with the scientific works but the word of coming generation should be always heard. Let’s hope, therefore, that in the next issues of the journal we will find other similar contributions.

Other two articles are connected with Azerbaijan. One of them very visibly because it analyzes economy of Azerbaijan from point of view its relationship with the European Union. Another article is not so clearly joint with Azerbaijan from the first glance but detailed reading of it discovers Azerbaijani trace very soon. It is enough to provide reader with two hints: transit corridor leading through South Caucasus and GUAM. If the hints are not sufficient it is worth to read the material.

Particularly question what to do with GUAM is very interesting and there are no doubts that it will be discussed more detailed in some of next issues.

Nice summer and interesting reading wishes

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