ISSUE 2-2010
Ростислав Павленко Виктор Замятин
Владимир Воронов Oleksii Izhak
Mykola Riabchuk Отар Довженко
Алена Гетьманчук
Petrovich Ivan Sidorov

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By Petrovich Ivan Sidorov | | Issue 2, 2010

       Members of Russian secret services call themselves chekists. The reason why they do it is difficult to understand. It is probably the same as if members of German secret services claimed that they are heirs of progressive traditions of gestapo. It is possible to assume that this peculiar sense of humour of Russian chekists will be carried to Kyiv where a man, who is dangerously close to the Russian milieu, became a head of the Security Service of Ukraine.
       The new head of SBU Valeri Khoroshkovski is not an ordinary person. He earned daily bread by various ways; he served various masters during his exciting career. No ideology was an obstacle for him.
       A founder of CHEKA Felix Edmundovytch Dzerzhinski used (reputedly) to say that a Chekist had to have a cold head, a hot heart and clean hands. Let´s try to examine the new head of SBU with the help of Felix Edmudovytch´s slogan and criterions.
       Concerning a cold head, there is no doubt Khoroshkovski´s head is cold enough. His calculations whom to join has to be chewed very exactly because each exchange of coat brought him sooner or later advantage. Speaking about a cold head and cold calculations, it is necessary to add that Khoroshkovski is lucky because ´iron Felix´ did not speak anything about the morals; certain problems could emerge there.
       Even about Valeri Edmundovytch hot heart there are no doubts. His heart is comparable with legendary Danko´s heart, even Khoroshkovski´s one is a bit better. It has one admirable quality, namely it is able to consume fuel of any origin. Various politicians and businessmen gradually provided his admirable heart with appropriate fuel. Now it is Mr. Yanukovych, before him Ms. Tymoshenko and Mr. Yuschenko, Mr. Kuchma also found reason why to provide this admirable heart. There are even several Russian supporting colleagues but in this case we cannot know all of them.
       Seeing a cold head and a hot heart of the young man Felix Edmundovych could be delighted but after that his watchful eyesight could slip onto our hero´s hands and here certain problems could emerge. Mr. Khoroshkovski is a very rich man but the origins of his fortune are not too transparent. ´Iron Felix´ could have problems but where is he now? Khoroshkovski is lucky again; his supporters on both sides of the border have not any problems with such a trifle. Their fortunes originated in similar ways and as it is known, a dog doesn´t eat dog. Knowing it well Mr. Khoroshovski can continue accumulating his property. As a chief of SBU he has a lot of means how to do it. Particularly various TV channels are feeling a firm grip of Valeri Edmundovytch now.
       If one were Khoroshkovski he would be more alert. His activities set journalist´s and owners of media´s teeth on edge and sooner or later Mr. Yanukovych can realize that his accommodating chekist causes him odd troubles and it would be better to get rid of him. It might be also only a matter of time when Yanukovych realizes that he is not the only one Master of his useful man.
       Another problem can also arise on the horizon: a person as Khoroshkovski in such a position is really a bit too much for Euro-Atlantic standards and Euro-Atlantic representatives of secret services could have problems meeting our hero, particularly if they can suppose that the content of their discussion do not stay only between them. Khoroshkovski can be hardly trustful partner for them.
       When Khoroshkovski is sacked we will have one dead certainty; sooner or later he will become useful to somebody else. To be useful to somebody is an important part of his business. Now he has got yet another opportunity to be more useful to his new or renewed Masters because he can provide them with a lot of interesting information.
       Simply said Khoroshkovski does not get lost; useful men are asked particularly when they are ready to serve anybody.

Notice: Willing to preserve the chance to be able to visit Ukraine in the future the author used a pseudonym. The lesson given to German expert Niko Lange at Borispil was sufficiently instructive.

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Алена Гетьманчук
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