ISSUE 2-2017
Роман Темников
Denys Reva Roman Temnikov Aндрей Костырев Vyacheslav Rodionov
Ahmad Alili  & Victoria Bittner
Дмитрий Дубов
Alžběta Chmelařová

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Dear readers,

Recently Russia witnessed two waves of demonstrations, which were not only the biggest ones from 2012, but also with unprecedented participation of young generation. It seems that students and teenagers in many Russian cities are simply fed up with Mr. Putin & Co. and are ready to fight for change. Government´s reaction in the form of further limitation of social media and internet connection (compulsory registration and ban on VPN) will most likely provoke further dissatisfaction and anger. Moreover, Russian economy faces serious structural problems and current limited grow will not save it from long stagnation period. Ruling elite does not show any will nor ability to start necessary reforms and not only those youngsters perfectly understand this and more and more often comparison of Mr. Putin and infamous former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev could be heard. (He was effectively the leader of Soviet Union for 18 years, Mr. Putin will reach this figure next year.) It seems that current Russian leadership decided to repeat old mistake and tries to solve growing internal problems with external aggressiveness. As our analysis of the new Foreign Policy Concept and the Military Doctrine of Russian Federation shows even the conceptual documents became anti-western in the situation when the West is the far biggest buyer of Russian oil and gas and the only potential source of desperately needed investment and innovations. Few other articles focuses on the matter and we have not forgotten Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Most recent expansion of EU sanction list initiated by Germany because of the Russian inability to keep the word and not to transfer Siemens made turbines to occupied Crimea as well as US decision to extend sanctions against Russia and effectively put the country to the one group with Iran and North Korea, expulsion of US diplomats and severe limitation of other personnel of US diplomatic missions in Russia and aggressive Zapad 2017 military exercises planned by Russia and Belarus for September will in no doubt further deteriorate Russia’s position and credibility in the world. We promise to address those and other relevant topics in next issues and do hope you will enjoy current issue as well as a whole summer and as always – any opinion or suggestion is more than welcomed.

Yours editorial board

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