ISSUE 1-2017

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Dear readers,

let us open the editorial introducing three, maybe at the first glance rather understandable, figures: 522, 219 and 65. We do not want you to be long in doubt what these figures could mean and we very quickly clarify a riddle. There were 522 contributions that we published during 15 year of the existence of the journal prepared by 219 authors for 65 issues.

Bibliography published in the first issue of this year, recalling the 15th anniversary of the, demonstrates various countries and various topics from post-Soviet area which were in focus of our authors. Overviewing published issues, it is evident that we have a big gap concerning Central Asian countries. It is our challenge for upcoming period to fill the gap.

On the contrary we can say that number of articles focused on Russia increased and number of authors from Russia as well. Moreover, three quarters of our readers are also from this country. This reality is not too surprising because Putin´s Russia has become very unpredictable and dangerous subject which has naturally had to attract attention. Increasing number of Russian readers is also more or less logical in the context of situation of freedom of speech in Russia. This sad state of matters causes that more and more Russians look for alternative sources of information. Of course, we are going to continue to play this role in the future as well.

Unpleasantly increasing negative role of Russia particularly in its neighbourhood became the reason why we will change structure of the journal. We remove section Russia and… because description of links between Russia and various topics is presented almost in each article therefore it is not necessary to have a special section.

Reacting on some remarks asking for a deeper analysis of several topics we also decided to publish one monothematic issue per year. This year such issue will be devoted to the October revolution. However, this event occurred hundred year ago it has preserved its impact on a Russian reality till now. Therefore it will be useful to analyze this topic from various points of view.

We provided some young specialists with space to publish their contributions in our journal during last period. It is interesting to read ideas of coming generation and try to estimate where it is heading. It will be effort of our editorial board to develop this policy.

We hope that you have found in our journal interesting information and it has been provoking you to think about processes which are running around us. If you decided to share your ideas about them with our readers we will be glad. Conditionsforpublicationinourjournalstaythesame.

However, it is not too positive finding, upcoming period will promise to be as interesting as former one was therefore we think that our journal can be useful as a resource of information and platform for expression of opinion. We will try with your help to prepare other issues giving us possibility to see various things and processes from various position. Any opinion respecting basic rules of appropriate behaviour is welcomed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Editorial board

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